Our Services

BK Global proudly offers the following services for our clients

Bankruptcy Real Estate Services

Employed through Trustee relationships nationwide, and approved by the bankruptcy courts

Proprietary BK Score™ for all bankruptcy properties determining asset qualification for Consented Sale™

Loan servicing specialists performing all fulfillment requirements

Asset management and timely disposition of all bankruptcy real estate

Utilization of a proprietary listing and offer management platform bankruptcylistings.com

Certification programs offered by BK Global Institute

REO Portfolio & Asset Management

REO Valuation & Best Use Strategies

Property Preservation and Management

Property Inspections


Bankruptcy Management

Cloud-based Real-time Tracking & Management

Cloud-based Online Reporting Platform

Broker Network Management

BK Global has a deep understanding of the complexities of broker network management. We have over 30 years of experience developing, managing and rating brokers in our network. Our team has developed and trained brokers for the bankruptcy and REO industries, lenders/servicers, GSE's and for private companies with specific marketing needs.

Our broker network is comprised of certified real estate professionals whose experience matches the duties required by our clients. In addition to the vetting process we perform on each broker, we also look for other key metrics to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible match when servicing their real estate assets.